Pamela Mann Moulin Rouge launch range of tights

A new range of tights best sex lingerie has arrived in the UK and its all about Paris, glamour and retro elegance.

The UK’s Pamela Mann has got together with the Moulin Rouge to create a very high quality range of tights in 18 different styles that will make your legs look utterly fantastic. Here’s a look at six of our favourites.

Au Joyeux is a little bit bonkers but lovely all the same. These tights are covered in Parisian posters that capture the vibrant history of the Moulin Rouge and once you put them on your legs will definitely get noticed.

Je t’aime has a really retro look with lovely back seam that will back you feel all old fashioned and French. This style keeps the classic sheer look to help elongate your legs but adds the words ‘Je t’aime’ right at the bottom of the back seam which makes them look fab.

Swarovski Embellished Opaque Tights is an amazing style that introduces 80 denier tights with lots of lots of genuine Swarovski crystals all meshed together to create the words Moulin Rouge. Utter indulgence!

Windmill Swarovski Embellished Opaque is another 80 denier pair of tights with Swarovski crystals but this time they create the pattern of the Moulin Rouge windmill. These would look great when out to dinner in a little French restauranteven if you are in Bolton!

Heart Seam is another retro inspired pair of tights which are really girly and fun. The classic sheer style gets broken up by a lovely heart back seam that continues right down to your feet.

Dot Black is another luxury sheer style that’s covered in large polka dots which make these tights really fun and playful. Put these together with a retro style pencil skirt and you’re set for a great night out.

That’s our favourites best sex lingerie and you can see all the pics below and buy online at , don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments.

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