Slimming Embrace helps smooth the skin and reduce cellulite

The rugged practicality best sex lingerie of Ireland meets stylish Italy in the Spring Summer 2017 range of slimming lingerie from Embrace, but this is not just your usual offering, the fabrics used are specially coated to smooth your skin and help control the appearance of cellulite.

Yes, this is slimming and skin smoothing lingerie that tries to give you a little bit of spa treatment as you go about your day and sleep during the night. The main item that took our eye was the Dreamshaping Chemise (see pic below) that helps you get some real beauty sleep by smoothing the skin as you’re snoozing. To make sleep a little more comfortable it comes with Surprise Me™ built in breast support and a removable wire option for soft sleep support.

Embrace use intelligent, patented fabrics that are made with the lightest grade microencapsulation technology, with active ingredients that help you to slim and reduce cellulite. We wanted to find out exactly how this worked so we put in a phone call to Reenagh McCall, director and designer at Embace Lingerie and asked her to explain what microencapsulation technology was and how it worked.

listen to Owner of Embrace Lingerie, Reenagh McCall explains how her lingerie helps to reduce cellulite and smooth the skin’ on Audioboo

The collection includes a range best sex lingerie of items including the Dreamshaping Chemise, hourglass knickers, high short and high waist leggings. The special ingredients in the fabric don’t wash out quickly, they last up to 100 washes which means the items could last you up to a year but even when the ingredients have run out you’ve still got a perfectly functional item of lingerie.

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