Is sleeping in underwear bad for us? A definitive answer at last

When I first called a best sex lingerie gynaecologist to ask this question, she scoffed at me and asked whether I had more important things to write about. I stuttered and attempted to justify my position. Of course she spends most of her time dealing with serious gynaecological problems so her response was understandable. But in my head, ‘to wear or not to wear’ was a matter of great importance and I bet five panty liners you’ve thought about it too. You cannot tell me that you’ve never thought about the health of your vagina. Should I treat it like a pot plant with just the right amount of light, air, warmth and shade? Is it right for my genitals to be covered by a garment day in, day out?

When she was a mere slip of a thing a friend’s Grandmother told her plain and simple, the undercarriage needs to breathe. And like sands through the hourglass, she now tells her children not to wear underpants to bed.

I know there are many of you who never break the no underpants rule. Without the safety of a covered crutch you feel unsafe, exposed and unable to slumber. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re uptight.

There are sensible reasons best sex lingerie for donning the daks at night. One confidante lived in Japan and wanted to be prepared for an earthquake. Another woke up with a burglar in her house and decided from then on she would always wear undergarments at night.

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